09. 08. 12. 05:51 pm

I was just young a boy living in the hub city…

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08. 28. 12. 04:45 am

Wu-Tang meets dubstep

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08. 10. 12. 01:49 pm

There is only one God and his name is Ra!

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06. 03. 12. 06:12 pm

Remains one of the best Eminem songs (TIL Eminem stands for his initirals M(arshall) M(athers)!

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06. 01. 12. 03:40 pm

I know the people who will appreciate this movie.

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09. 05. 12. 05:25 pm

Wu-Tang nigga, that’s what’s up!

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08. 21. 12. 08:02 am

The only time when white people are allowed to yell nigga’s

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07. 04. 12. 09:15 am

Immigration through the lens of objectivity

Third day here in Malta, where me and a bunch of other European journalists are attending a conference on migration.

Malta is a beautiful island with quite a unique history, but the state has been having problems dealing with immigration.

Due to its proximity to Africa and it’s EU membership, Malta has known a great influx of immigrants the past few years.

On Tuesday we were shown different perspectives on migration. The rhetoric of the government official Darell Pace illustrated the complexities of migration very well. It’s not as black and white as many people assume.

Regardless, when t

06. 03. 12. 01:42 pm

Some Belgian goodness! #dubstep

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05. 31. 12. 04:08 pm

Thank the Architects

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